Wet-Out Facility & Liner Delivery

WHAT IS WET-OUT? It is the unseen critical process of impregnating a CIPP liner with a calculated amount of catalyzed resin before liner installation.
WET-OUT FACILITIES help save time and cost since the impregnating process in a CIPP liner ahead of time at the facility and shipped to the installation site. A properly saturated CIPP liner requires just enough catalyzed resin to coat the polyester fibers, so the felt appears to be damp. Excess catalyzed resin can create unwanted resin slugs and possible areas of weakened CIPP laminate.
The Wet-Out facilities reduce liner transport time and costs for all CIPP liners. A successful CIPP liner installation can be directly related to a well run Wet-Out facility and proper preparation of high-quality CIPP liners. As a CIPP installer, FAST Pipe Lining Inc. understands the importance of properly prepared CIPP liners required for problem-free liner installation.

FAST Pipe Lining Inc.'s Wet-Out Facilities is located in La Salle, Illinois. All CIPP liner as per ASTM specifications. We precisely catalyze resin to specifications and checking the CIPP liner integrity, impregnating or saturation the CIPP liner felt with catalyzed resin.

THE PROCESS: The resin mixture is injected into the CIPP liner, then processed through a set of calibrated pinch rollers to evenly saturate the felt material.  During the Wet-Out process, the vacuum is applied to the CIPP liner tube to removed trapped air improving finished laminate quality. 

  •  We test the catalyzed resin for a proper chemical reaction at the desired cure temperature.
  • We also prepare and provide flat plat test samples. Install or bind liner end (if requested).
  • We provide documents for all phases of the Wet-Out process for future reference.

To support customers, across the United States and Canada, we can be provided with economically priced resin-saturated liners for installation to independent contractors. Wet-out is the unseen critical process of impregnating a CIPP liner with a calculated amount of catalyzed resin. A successful CIPP liner installation can be directly related to a well run wet-out facility with the proper preparation of high-quality CIPP liners. Purchasing resin-impregnated CIPP lines has many cost & time-saving benefits. Elimination of the capital expenditure to purchase & setup a wet-out facility or maintaining a trained wet-out staff or resin & catalyst inventory storage. FAST Pipe Lining Inc. complies with local, state & federal regulations.

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Fast Liner On-Time Liner Delivery

Transport & Delivery Of Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Liners -  Once a Cured-In-Place Pipeliner is saturated with catalyzed resin, shipping & delivery to the installation site is critical. At Fast Pipe Lining, prepared saturated liners are immediately loaded onto the waiting refrigerated trucks for shipment. Customers can provide their truck for shipment or select to have their orders delivered in one of several Fast Pipe Lining's refrigerated trailers or trucks.

All liners are delivered to customer's specifications and are delivered in refrigerated trailers. Installation contractors also have a choice of renting our refrigerated trailers for liner pickup using their own tractor to pull the refrigerated trailer. At the contractor's option, trailers can be rented upon arrival at there site thereby providing cold storage for liners until installation. All CIPP liners are prepared and loaded as per individual customer's preferences. Liners to be installed first are prepared and loaded last.

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Hydraulic Loader-Unloader Trailer - The best piece of equipment for handling and delivering large diameter CIPP Liners.  This loader/unloader is a labor-saving piece of equipment, especially when installing large diameter CIPP liners.  Overhead conveyors can travel along a track from the back of a refrigerated trailer and can extend (3) three feet past the rear doors when unloading liners at the installation site.

The picture below shows the process of the loading of the large-diameter resin-saturated CIPP liners.  After passing the Wet-Out conveyor table, the large diameter resin-saturated liner upon exiting the pinch roller is threaded over the top roller located at the rear of the loader/unloader trailer and placed upon the movable trailer conveyor.  The large surface of the trailer conveyor belt provides enough friction to pull the liner into the trailer without any damage to the liner.  The conveyor can travel with or without the conveyor belt turner.


NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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