At FAST Pipe Lining, we emphasize good job site housekeeping practices and proper installation practices with our Liner Installers, including the Liner Certification Training where the importance of chemical use in resins used for CIPP projects and the dangers of misuse of these chemicals, chemical reaction, cause, and effects, especially when resins that include styrene.  Proper information is disseminated, proper training is provided, and proper safety devices are made available. We continue to stress on the good job site housekeeping practice day-to-day including good communication with each other, making sure the crew is not violating any safety protocol at EVERY job site.  Each site manager is responsible to complete log sheets before, during and after each lining project on all safety equipment checks, especially steamer and compressors, shooters, CCTV inspection cameras, and other necessary equipment required for the liner installation project. Reference manuals are stored in the truck including a copy of the Safety Data Sheet and ASTM Spec, these documents are updated as needed. Since resins and resin transportation play a vital part, our crew are made of the types of worksites hazards. All liner crew is sent for OSHA training on the Hazard Communication Standard. No FAST Pipe Lining vehicle leaves the office without the proper placard, safety vests, traffic cones and road light barricades for construction zones and roadways.

Since we are strong in providing quality liner installation, we perform a quality test on our liners before each liner run. There is no better way to prove the quality and product reliability than to take a test specimen from the actual liner being installed and have it tested at our facility. After this quality control check, the liners are loaded on to the truck for installation or delivery. Our conservative use of the highest design standards and field-proven methods have been applied during pipe liner installations. FAST Pipe Lining Inc.'s crew go through safety training such as fall protection, scaffolding safety, ladder safety, and hazard communication training. Our motto: Being safe at all times.

We keep the health and well-being of our workers as well as the general public safety at the forefront of every project, as we value our staff and the residents of the community within which we serve. Pre-planning and keeping the municipalities and engineers informed on the CIPP lining process, keeping all the possible scenarios in mind such as reducing or eliminating sewage overflows into local rivers and streams and sewage backups into basements. Before each project, attention to detail is given from resin preparation and wetted out to installation, utility reinstatement and keeping our job site cleanup into consideration with minimal disruption to the surrounding community. At FAST Pipe Lining, our service is to strive to improve the daily solution of problems and pursuit of a quality installation. We hold the highest level of ethics and are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees along with both the convenience and safety of the residents of the communities we serve.

We are committed to excellence and are at the forefront of safety!

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