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For the CIPP lining market, we have competitive pricing for liner products and equipment parts in our catalog, making it affordable to you, guaranteed lowest prices.


LINERS: Liners available from 4" - 144" diameter.  We offer polyurethane and polypropylene coated liners.

CALIBRATION HOSE/TUBE: Available from 50 mm - 375 mm


Polyester Resin - (Unfilled) - Use for mainline, large-diameter - Available in 5-gallon bucket, 55-gallon drum (500-lbs), and 300-gallons (2500-lbs) tote.
Vinyl Ester Resin - Styrene Base (Filled) - Available in 5-gallon bucket, 55-gallon drum (500-lbs), and 300-gallons (2500-lbs) tote.
Non-VOC Vinyl Ester - Non-Styrene Base (Unfilled) - Recommended for residential, schools, restaurants, hospitals & industrial - Available in 5-gallon bucket, 55-gallon drum (500-lbs), and 300-gallons (2500-lbs) tote.
Epoxy Hardener - Part "A" - B4010T - Available per lbs and 50-lbs bucket/pail
Epoxy Hardener - Part "B" - HW1215 - WINTER MIX - Required Gel Time: 12-15 mins - SET TIME: 2 hrs - MASS 150 Grams - Available per lbs and 40 lbs bucket/pail
Epoxy Hardener - Part "B" - HW2025 - WINTER MIX - Required Gel Time: 20-25 mins - SET TIME: 3 hrs - MASS 150 Grams - Available per lbs and 40 lbs bucket/pail
Epoxy Hardener - Part "B" - HS3035 - SUMMER MIX - Required Gel Time: 30-35 mins - SET TIME: 4 hrs - MASS 150 Grams - Available per lbs and 40 lbs bucket/pail
Epoxy Hardener - Part "B" - HS6070 - SUMMER MIX - Required Gel Time: 60-70 mins - SET TIME: 6 hrs - MASS 150 Grams - Available per lbs and 40 lbs bucket/pail
Epoxy Hardener - Part "B" - HT5060 - HIGH TEMP (MUST BE STEAM CURED) - Required Gel Time: 50-60 mins - SET TIME: 5 hrs - MASS 150 Grams - Available per lbs and 40 lbs bucket/pail
Sharkepox Kit - Standard Epoxy Resin - Recommended for general application - 44 lbs Premixed Bucket/Pail

From our in-house skilled craftsmen to our experienced filed crew for liner installation, no matter how we serve you, we strive for perfection, always ending with a clean finish and stay a "cut" above our competitors!  From a job on-site to a custom-designed trailer or part replacement, we are committed to satisfying our customers.  

We rent or custom build equipment and trailers. For information on rental, lease or purchase trucks, trailers, equipment, or equipment replacement parts. Check out our catalog or call us 1-888-960-1674, our consultation is free!

Small business plumbers or Sewer drain TV Inspectors: Ask us how we can support you with pipeline rehabilitation with CIPP liners from 4"  to 144" and other equipment to make your job easier on you and your budget.  Call us for more details.

PLEASE NOTE: Although all specifications are believed to be correct, periodically errors, omissions or changes occur. Pipevision Inc., FAST Pipelining Inc., and CIPP Services, LLC., are not liable for any errors and omissions. However, please verify all specifications and let us know of any discrepancies you may find.  Thank you.

What is Wet-Out?

For Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining, the resin is impregnated into the liner.  This impregnation process is called the Wet-Out Process.  Liners can be wetted-out on site, but, economically (cost of the project - taking all tools and equipment required for wetting-out a liner is time-consuming when factoring in the labor cost, hauling of the resin, liner, etc.) and for convenience, usually the liners are wetted-out at a Wet-Out facility where their resin is pre-mixed in large batches and the entire length of the liner is impregnated with the resin during the wet-out process.  The next step is to make sure the resin-saturated liner is kept cool.  The next process is to make sure the liner is placed in a refrigerated truck for cooling.  The temperature of the refrigerated need to stay consistent in order to keep the liner from curing or hardening.  At that point, the liner is ready for delivery to the project location.  Please visit our website for more information on all Wet-Out equipment available for small diameter to large diameter CIPP Liners wet-out process.  We also have a Wet-Out Facility on-site to help you with wetting-out the liners for your upcoming projects.


NASSCO - PACP Inspector Training Courses available.  The pipeline, Lateral, & Manhole Assessment Training.  Certification and re-certification courses sponsored at regional & private locations.  For course schedules and registration call 1-888-960-1674 or 1-815-220-1919.


Equipment built specifically for the Cured-In-Place-Pipe lining industry.  Let us help you design a CIPP service truck or trailer to your specifications.


We are your one-stop-shop for all services on CIPP reinstatement tools, truck & trailer parts. 


CIPP liner installation equipment custom built for you.  No project is too small or too big!


Our experienced crew inspect and install CIPP liners from 4" to 144 " in diameter, from residential to industrial locations any where in the world.


CIPP Liners available as filled or unfilled with resin.  Resins are also sold separately in 5 gallon buckets, 55 gallons  (500 lbs.) drums and 275 gallons (2500 lbs.) totes.   Place your order now.

From single to multi-layer liners are available.  Call us for more details.

NOTE: All pictures, videos, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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