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Rick Fast started his career in the Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining industry in 1990. He spent seven years in the military where he was a member of the unit that was heavily involved in building the first tank range for the Abrams M-1 tank in Grafenwohr, Germany. In 1990, after spending the last three years building the tank range, Rick decided to finish his military career, returned home and ventured out to start his new career in the private sector.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the CIPP lining industry, Rick has vast experience with resin systems, coated felt material and various installation methods with sanitary and stormwater rehabilitation solutions. Having three companies under his belt, and a network of experienced contractor partnership with him. Rick has helped many municipalities and industrial businesses deal with aging infrastructure issues and rehabilitated pipelines of all sizes and shapes involving various resin applications for different types of pipes. With such knowledge and years of experience, Rick knows that he can take on any rehabilitation projects for sewer, water, gas, and chemical pipelines anywhere in the world. He loves challenges and believes that there is no job that's too big or too small for him. In the trenchless CIPP rehabilitation business, Rick as an owner and contractor is considerate of other contractors who are looking to improve and grow in the trenchless CIPP rehabilitation industry.

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."   Vince Lombardi

PIPEVISION PRODUCTS INC. (19+ yrs in business)


In 1999, Rick's first start-up company - Pipevision Products, Inc. in La Salle, Illinois opened its doors for business as a specialist in installing Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) liners for the rehabilitation of existing pipe systems. Cured-In-Place Pipeliners used to renew and extend the service life of sanitary sewers, storm sewers, outfalls, road culverts, and process piping systems.

The company specialized in the growing manhole to manhole CIPP lining business. For almost two decades, our Pipevision crews have been diligently working all over the mid-west and the east coast installing CIPP liners. With the growing needs of pipe rehabilitation, this no-dig process was in demand, Pipevision teamed up with local contractors across the country to install CIPP liners.

Working Together

In 2003, we opened our WET-OUT facility in La Salle, Illinois to meet the liner and resin demands and reduce transportation costs. Rick’s many co-op ventures soon led many local contractors to expand their businesses the CIPP lining ventures across the United States and increasing his network of contractors.

Pipevision Products has installed CIPP liners from the mid-west to the Atlantic seacoast, not to mention we most recently completed our Alaskan project.  Our crews have installed liners overseas from Australia to Switzerland.  As the trenchless CIPP rehabilitation industry is growing, so are we.



In 2006, when Rick found that there was a shortage of suppliers for the ancillary equipment needed for lining projects, he started CIPP Services, LLC and built equipment for the CIPP industry. CIPP Services maintains a full in-house machine shop used for the design & fabrication of specialty cured-in-place pipelining installation equipment, air inverters, adapters & the line of Bushmaster cutting heads.

At Your Service

With an in-house machine shop complemented with plasma cutting, Mig and Tig welding equipment, CIPP Services can efficiently complete all manufacturing processes without outsourcing any work. Rick aided many contractors to get established in the CIPP lining business by assisting in the purchase of boiler trucks, inversion equipment and lateral reinstatement cutting systems. For CIPP Services there is always a solution for a problem. Know that Rick and his team are there to assist at finding a solution to help complete a liner rehabilitation project.  



In 2007,  he started Fast Pipelining Inc. to accommodate the material sales we were accumulating. As we sold equipment to different contractors, we found that they needed a material supplier. Our contractors started out installing resin-impregnated CIPP liners purchased from Pipevision now know as Fast Pipelining Inc., this eliminated or postponed the capital cost expenditure for them to set up and operate their WET-OUT Facility.

Progressive Competitors

Fast Pipelining Inc. can provide CIPP liners from 3 to 96 inches in diameter. CIPP liners can be ordered to suit specific installation requirements including extra thick or reinforced sections, transitions and reduced diameter down tubes. Liners can be ordered for inversion or winch-in-place installation for use with steam or hot water curing systems. The WET-OUT facilities at Fast Pipelining Inc. are geared for high volume output of resin-saturated CIPP liners. Using refrigerated transport trucks, liners can be shipped anywhere in the US and Canada. Contractors are also given the option to bring in their refrigerated trucks for transportation of the cured liners.

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Restoring all water and sewer pipelines. From residential, commercial,  industrial, and even city, not forgetting commercial and residential swimming pool pipes!

Doing pipe rehabilitation right, from start to finish. 

Finance Options

We have multiple finance options here at PIPEVISION Products/CIPP Services/FAST Pipelining. No matter what budget you have, we can find a finance solution that will fit your situation. Call us at 1-888-960-1674 and we can discuss further.

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