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Our three company consortium are unique in the Cure-In-Place-Pipe lining industry for over 15 years as we dominate others in installing CIPP liner in municipalities, from residential/commercial, and to industrial locations in the USA, including Alaska and Puerto Rico. Outside the USA, successfully completed CIPP lining projects in Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Dealing with aging sanitary and storm water systems, mainline and manhole, connections and laterals, including quite a few steam car heating projects. Installing and rehabilitating sewers using trenchless techniques, Pipevision Inc., FAST Pipeling and CIPP Services benefit with having our own liner curing Wet-Out facility and equipment to help with these CIPP rehibilation projects. Our sister company, CIPP Robotics opened in 2016, offering IMS GmBH Robotics' cutting systems that expands our services even further, now making us the only companies that provide all the necessary services under one roof within the CIPP Rehabilitation Industry. Doing every rehabilitation right the first time.


  • CIPP Lining/CIPP Pressure-Pipe Lining
  • Large Diameter Tunneling, Spiral Wound PVC (SPR) and Sliplining - Up to 144" diameter

CIPP liners can be installed within a variety of pipe materials such as clay, asbestor, concrete, ductile iron, steel, corrugated metal, including brick, stone and even wood pipe that come in all shapes such as round, elliptical, egg-shaped or even rectangular structures that - depending on the circumstances, have been lined with CIPP liners.  There are multiple pipe lining materials available for the various sewer drain lining applications, let us help suggest the best liner application for your CIPP lining project.


MUNICIPAL - FAST Pipelining and CIPP Services have the technology and options on how to protect, repair, and even increase pipeline capacity without excavation. Preserve the health and safety of your community with trusted water, sanitation and storm water solutions from FAST Pipelining Inc.  No job is too small - from public pools and old church pipelining rehab, to big projects such as our most recent project with 84" liner at Dundalk Marine, MA - an underwater liner submission pipe restoration project. 


ENERGY - Pipeline Infrastructure is crucial to the efficient and safe transportation of the resources that fuel the gas, oil, and mining industries. The growing demand for energy puts greater pressure on the industry’s aging pipelines, often corrosive or abrasive nature of resources used in today’s gas, oil and mining industries leave pipes even more vulnerable to blocks, leaks, and breaks. FAST Pipelining and CIPP Services offers the latest technology, protecting a renewed legacy pipelines, this way your company is being proactive at protecting your productivity as well as public safety. Backed by industry leading experience, we have a variety of pipe renewal technologies to customize the right solution for every situation in every industry. We have successfully completed many Rail Car and Tank Car Steam projects.  The most note worthy mention is our most recent project at a government site (confidential) 2017-2018. Our crew is responsive and collaborative, working with you to ensure the job is done right, on time and on budget.


INDUSTRIALWe know that for manufacturers there is no time for interruption and no margin for error. Broken pipes, flooding, restricted flow has it's risks of contamination or property damage caused by aging or inadequate water, sanitary or storm water pipelines are great. CIPP liner rehabilitation method is a no dig method, installation goes faster with minimal, if any, interruption to business operations. At FAST Pipelining we keep you in mind, rest assured that your pipelines and assembly lines are back in service making you money instead of costing you money.  Ask us about the Rail Car and Tank Car Steam projects, any time, any season.


SMALL BUSINESS PLUMBERS - We can even accommodate with 3" liners and up.  Contact us for recommendations on any of your plumbing projects.


SAFETY - Protecting our team is our company’s top priority. We are fully committed to protecting the safety and health of all our employees. We do this by training employees to safely handle all aspects of their jobs, especially the chemicals used in the liner curing the rehabilitation process, and having them commit to focusing on safety in everything they do, every day, period!

We are committed to excellence and are at the forefront on safety!

Safety First

All our proven and comprehensive equipment systems and materials that meet the strictest material testing and certification standards, including ASTM, AWWA, and NSF/ANSI 61 certification.

NOTE: Ask us for CIPP liner samples that demonstrates thickness and structural integrity of our liners, including the recommended resin type for your project.


Diligently serving you with your CIPP lining and equipment overhaul.

With 25 years of industry experience and over 2 million linear feet of liner installed, we have worked with small diameter liners from 4" small diameter liners up to 144" large diameter liners.  Our on site WET-OUT facility has a range of resin suitable for any type of CIPP liner applications. 



Main Line, Lateral, Storm Drain, Manhole, Sanitary, Water Treatement Systems, Gas/Industrial Pipelines, Buried/Hidden Repairs, Spot/Point Repairs and Other Drain Jobs

Water - Sewer Water - Waste Water


Factory & Industrial Facilities

Hospitals & Clinics

Government - Secured Sites

Universities & School

Histroic Properties

Single Residential Homes/HOA/Condos/ High Rise & Assisted Living/Senior Facilities

Commercial Properties/Restaurants, Hotels & Casinos

"The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."    Vince Lombardi

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With 25 years of industry experience and over 2 million linear feet of liner installed, let us professionally help your organization with your next pipe-lining system upgrade.  Call or email us for a quote and one of our experienced team members will follow up with you ASAP. We look forward to earning your business. Thank you!


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